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Meet the dreamers behind Birth Your Business

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Every business has a story, and ours started many years ago when Lou was just a little bean. Sarah first met Lou when she was merely a few hours old as Sarah is in fact, Lou’s aunt. AKA “Auntie Yeah-Yeah”.

Sarah and Lou have always had a close relationship but that became even closer when Sarah was honoured to be Lou’s doula for the birth of her son in 2022.

Before her son was born Lou had already begun to work with several birth workers, in her role as a marketing expert and her interest in the birth world had started to grow.

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How we birthed our business...



Doula certification.

Sarah becomes a Doula with Nurturing Birth and begins her journey into the world of birth and beyond. This was influenced by the birth of her daughter Lorna.


Marketing degree & hypnobirthing

Lou graduates from Exeter University with a degree in business & marketing, and Sarah gets her hypnobirthing qualification from the Calm Birth School

2015 - 2022

Web design business.

While she is studying, Lou teaches herself to do web design and starts offering her services to local businesses, this continues to grow for another 7 years.


Course facilitator with Nurturing Birth.

Sarah becomes a Nurturing Birth course facilitator, and begins her journey in supporting new Doulas start their own journey.


Lou has her son.

Sarah supports Lou in her birth of her first baby, and Lou's passion for the birthing world grows even more.


BYB is hatched.

Sarah & Lou recognises the gap missing for brand new birth workers post training. They are passionate, trained, but feel clueless when it comes to marketing, and now here you are reading this!

At the heart of their collaboration is a shared passion for supporting the incredible journey of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. 


In today's digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for reaching and serving expectant and new parents effectively.

That's why our templates blend the nurturing care and knowledge of a doula with the strategic prowess of a media marketing expert - your ultimate cheerleading team! 

Each template is designed with a beautiful, unique design and made easy to edit for skills of any level. They look beautiful, they work for your business and more importantly they convert your visitors into loyal clients. 

We want you to reflect the essence of your birth and baby business easily.

You have a passion for what you do, and Birth Your Business is here to support you in sharing that passion with the world.

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